Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yanni Dog...

Yanni was only 6 weeks old and weighted about three pounds when we brought him home.  I was so excited to bring this tiny little part Yorkie and part Toy Poodle home. 

We drove to Cincinnati on Valentine's weekend because I knew Raymond's cousins had these little puppies.  Raymond had said we couldn't get a  puppy, we didn't have time to take care of a baby dog, we had just built a new home, we love to travel...yada...yada.  Whatever...I, of course, knew I wasn't coming home without one of these littles bundles of joy.  Once we saw Yanni, it was a done deal. Raymond didn't say a word, we just brought the little guy home.  As it turned out, Yanni and Raymond became best buds. 

That was more than fifteen years ago.  Yesterday, I had to do what was right... not what I wanted to do.  It was time to let him go.  He was suffering, and it was time to say goodbye.  These little creatures bring such uncontintional love and joy in our lives, and such heartache when we have to let them go...I have to believe there is a doggy heaven and that's he's pain free and playing with my darling Raymond.

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  1. He's with "Dad" Di, and they are making up for lost time. I bet he is running and jumping around like he was that six week old puppy again. I'll always remember him and Ang playing, this little tiny puppy and our huskie puppy -- one month apart in age, but my, oh my, what a size difference!

    Yanni had a good life with you and Ray and knew he was loved. He's pain free now and I'm hoping "living the good life!"

    Luv Ya, Bren