Thursday, May 20, 2010

Distressing Tips

As most of you know, I love vintage and collage and I am so happy to see it coming back in style.  Here are a view tips to create your distressing effect.

The main idea is to make your card, scrapbook page or whatever you are working on to look old and if you just pulled it out of the attic or an old trunk. 

These ideas are not mine nor are they new but they are 'oldies but goodies'...okay, I couldn't resist!

  • Tearing, ripping or sanding cardstock or paper
  • Peel back cardstock, cardboard, or even coffe sleeve holders
  • Use a distressing tool...or your fingernail, a bone folder or whatever is handy
  • Sponging, edges and really everywhere and anywhere
  • Choose a great stamp set that can bring out creativity...Elements of Style is a great choice (Summer Mini)
  • Inking; several techniques, direct to paper (one of my newest favs) sponging, spritzing
  • Layering so that different layers show old wallpaper
  • Old books, dictionaries, maps, sheet music anything to add interest...even old dress patterns
Even if you have never been a fan, give it a shot..let your imagination just flow...there is no wrong to vintage!

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